Warhol in China


Andy Warhol in China, 1982, looking like a real tourist!

Courtesy of Phillips



Yangtze, ‘The Long River’


“The Yangtze River, which forms the premise to this body of work, is the main artery that flows 4,100 miles (6,500 km) across China, travelling from its furthest westerly point in Qinghai Province to Shanghai in the east. The river is embedded in the consciousness of the Chinese, even those who live thousands of miles from the river. It plays such an important role in both the spiritual and physical life of the people. 

More people live long its banks than live in the USA, one in every eighteen people on the planet. Using the river as a metaphor for constant change, I have photographed the landscape and people along its banks from mouth to source.”

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Photography by Nadav Kander. Find the full photo story here.



The Caiyuanba Bridge, where old meets new China


The Caiyuanba Bridge is a arch bridge which crosses the Yangtze River in Chongqing, China. Completed in 2007, the arch spans 420 metres (1,380 ft) ranking among the longest arch bridges in the world. The bridge carries 6 lanes of traffic and two track of Chongqing Rail Transit Line 3 between the Nan’an District south of the Yangtze River and the Yuzhong District to the north. Photography by Mark Horn.