Particle “de” 的



Source: Chineasy

Pinyin: de
Pronunciation/Stroke Order:
的: http://bit.ly/1lAbWBc


我 l/me                     我的     my

你 you                          你的     your

她 she                          她的     her

他 he                            他的     his

我们 we                       我们的 our

你们 you                      你们的  your

他们 they                    他们的 their


的 is a combination of 白 (white) and 勹 (to wrap up) with an extra small stroke inside the 勹 . 的 is the most frequently used Chinese character because it has many usages, including ‘of’ or indicate possession, like 我的 (my), 你的 (your) or 媽媽的 (mother’s), for example. Moreover, 的 can even act as a past-tense marker when combining with the character 是.

If you are a more advanced Chinese learner, here is a challenge for you: use 的 to make some phrases using its two main meanings: “of” and “‘s” (possession).