Designer: YAT PIT

Yat Pit (meaning “the first stroke” in Cantonese) makes Chinese fashion – but not as you know it. The brand’s founders – Jason Mui and On-Ying Lai – are on a mission to “revive lost Chinese culture” and clothes are their medium.

Based in Hong Kong, the pair like to imagine how Chinese youth might dress if the Cultural Revolution hadn’t taken place. They take cues from traditional Chinese clothes to do so – garments which, from dynasty to dynasty, have maintained a similarly bulky, gender-neutral silhouette. Rooted in their love for and interest in their heritage, Lai and Mui are showing a different side to Chinese style – one that’s far from the West’s orientalist and, all too often, appropriative clichés.

Photography by Ren Hang

(Via Dazed)





Pants - 裤子 (kù zi)

Jeans -  牛仔裤 (niú zǎi kù)

Shorts - 短裤 (duǎn kù)


Pajamas - 睡衣 (shuì yī)


Hat / Cap-帽子 (mào zi)


Slippers - 拖鞋 (tuō xié)

Illustrations by