Romance of the Three Kingdoms podcast

Romance of the Three Kingdoms is considered one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature, and its literary influence in East Asia rivals that of Shakespeare in the English speaking world. “Written 600 years ago,” writes the BBC, “it is a historical novel that tells the story of a tumultuous period in Chinese history, the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD. Partly historical and partly legend, it recounts the fighting and scheming of the feudal lords and the three states which came to power as the Han Dynasty collapsed.”

And now the ancient meets the modern…

If you listen to the Romance of the Three Kingdoms podcast, you can hear John Zhu’s attempt to retell this epic tale and make it accessible to a Western audience. The first 110 episodes are available on YouTube, the web, and iTunes–with at least another 10 to come. Quite a feat. Have a listen.

To learn more about Romance of the Three Kingdoms, listen to this episode of the BBC’s In Our Time.


The Sound Stage 《音你而乐》

The Sound Stage presents you a window into the world of Chinese underground music. Each episode features one band. There is an interview with the band and a performance of one or two of their original songs. These videos are a great way to learn about how young people in China are expressing themselves in a rapidly changing society, and it’s also a fun way to learn Chinese!

You can listen to The Sound Stage On The Radio at Sound Stage’s Bandcamp page.