Taidu 态度 (Attitude)

Taidu is one of several typefaces created by Hong Workshop from Guangzhou, China. “Taidu” is the Chinese word for “Attitude”, an attribute this tight-packed heiti (sans-serif) carries a lot of.


Other great stuff from Hong’s typeface library

This psychedelic typeface Sifangge:







Watermelon Sushi

Watermelon Sushi‘ is a sweet visual concept by an up-and-coming Chinese designer Ruolan Xia.

The crowning glory: An optometrist’s eye chart featuring the Chinese word for “Reality” (現實/ 现实) in the larger and easier-to-read rows. On the smaller rows, the word changes from “Reality” to “Dream”.

From the designer herself:

“This simple illustration is specially designed for the 2013 SDI Recruitment Campaign.

Our campaign was held on a hot summer day when we enjoy “devouring” those splashing juicy watermelons. Haha you got the idea ;p

SDI is short for Studio of Design and Innovation, the double degree program at International Design Institute (IDI), Zhejiang University.”

“We hope newbies engaged in the SDI program could “see” the meaning of ideal more clearly and become students who are dedicated to achieving their own dreams.”