Names and surnames

Words & phrases

贵姓                  guìxìng    What’s your surname?

姓  (V. & N.)    xìng          surname

贵                       guì            noble

名字                   míngzi     name

叫                       jiào           to call; to be called

When asking someone’s name we say “Nǐ jiào shénme míngzi?”(What is your name?) “Nín guì xìng?”(What is your honorable surname?) or “Nín zěnme chēnghu?” (How do I address you?) The last two are more polite expressions.

xìng  姓 – surname; be surnamed (S+V+O)

(verb & noun)

Nín  guìxìng?      您贵姓?     What is your surname?

Wǒ xìng Zhèng.  我姓。     My surname is Zheng.



B:我姓。您?*used at the end of the question sentence



Nǐ  jiào shénme míngzi



Wǒ jiào



姓王, 我姓宫。 Wǒ  bú  xìng Wáng, wǒ  xìng Zhèng.  S+不+V+O


Common Chinese surnames:

Illustrations courtesy of Chineasy.


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