本月, means ‘this month’. It consists the two characters: 本 and 月. 本 has various meanings, but here it means ‘this’. The character 月 is one that we’ve covered many times in the past, and it means ‘month’ here, not ‘moon’. If you haven’t come across either of them, you can check them out at:

For those of you who have learnt these two characters before, you may wonder why we don’t use their main definitions. Well, you can give it a try: ‘foundation moon’ doesn’t really make sense! In such cases, the characters must have alternative definitions.

A good learning strategy for characters like these is to focus on their main definition first e.g., 本’s main definition is ‘foundation’. When you review the character again, slowly add in alternative definitions to your practice. Soon, it’ll only take you a second to translate a phrase like 本月.

Do you have any creative learning strategies for mastering characters with various definitions? Share it with us!

Pinyin: ben3 yue4
(Traditional, Simplified and Kanji)
Pronunciation/Stroke Order:

Source: Chineasy





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