Chinese pop culture


When we learn a foreign language, we also learn about its culture. So, I think it would be a good idea to talk about today’s phrase, 五月天, and introduce you to some Chinese pop culture!

五月天 translates to ‘Mayday’ in English and is also the name of a rock band from Taiwan. 五月天 was formed in the late 1990’s, its five members are often thought of as the Asian equivalent of the Beatles. In the past 15 years, MayDay has won over 150 awards worldwide and sold more than a million copies.

Here’s an interview of MayDay on BBC: In the interview, they talked about how they were inspired by the Beatles and singing in Mandarin isn’t a barrier to their worldwide fans. Do you know if any of your favourite bands were heavily influenced by the Beatles? It is amazing how music can break the language barrier.

Pinyin: wu3 yue4 tian1
(Traditional and Simplified)
Pronunciation/Stroke Order:

Source: Chineasy


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