Chinese characters


Which of the following characteristics stand out when you think of Chinese characters? Balanced, symmetrical or aesthetic?

In today’s better-writing task, you will need to use more than one characteristic from the above to help you decide which character is best. What you need to do is to choose the best character for the word ‘six’ from the three grids. Just give us the grid number (in the comments below). I would be great if you could also tell us why you chose your answer. Like this: 

I think grid ….. is the better writing for ‘six’ because it is….. (one of the characteristics) and …. (one of the characteristics).

Good luck!



There are three characteristics of Chinese characters: balanced, symmetrical and aesthetic.

On that note, let’s take a look at the answer to this challenge:

Of the 3 grids, grid 3 was the best because the character in it is balanced and symmetrical.

Grid 1 — the two strokes in the bottom of the grid are too short, which makes the top bit (亠) look slightly out of proportion.

Move to grid 2 — the left-to-right stroke in the bottom is too short, which makes the character looks a bit unbalanced.

How about ‘aesthetic’? Of course, being Chinese, I do think Chinese characters are very beautiful to look at. How about to you? What written languages do you appreciate in an artistic way?

Source: Chineasy


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